Custom Made Gowns and Women's Wear

The decision to purchase custom made clothing often reflects the significance of the occasion on which the garment will be worn. For many women such occasions are cherished events such as weddings or graduations, special events or an anniversary. It is a time when you think ‘On that day I want to look the best I can be’

At that time we want you to think about Made For You; because we understand fully that feeling and are committed to helping you look the way you want to look on that special occasion. We know that making this gown is also about building a memory that you will hold for a lifetime.

Because we feel strongly about what your custom made gown symbolizes we approach its development with a process that starts with exploring your specific needs and adding to that our knowledge of style, fabric and colour. Once this is done the process of measuring, making and fitting the dress takes place. At each major step in construction you will be brought back for a fitting to ensure the final product is a unique made for you alone, garment.

Our final commitment is to assure you that your special gown will be ready in time. We achieve this by setting timelines at the beginning and signing a contract with you so that you know that if you follow the timeline, your custom made garment will be available on the day agreed upon.

Before you make a decision you can download an information sheet that explains the process in more detail. This is free of charge and places upon you no obligation. If the information helps you make a good decision we are pleased to have been involved in the choices you make.

Download our information sheet here.

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